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  • Earn additional income by referring Erkaprep while teaching your friends and clients how to earn dollars with Amazon.
  • With the Erkaprep affiliate program, earn around 500$ per month while making it easier for your friends, target audience or consultants who sell on Amazon.
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What You Need to Do to Join the Affiliate Programme ?

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Anyone who is a Erkaprep user can participate in the Erkaprep affiliate program. To run a successful affiliate process: - You should understand how Erkaprep works in fulfilling FBA, FBM & ecommerce packages.

If you are a virtual assistant for Amazon or if you provide services to people selling on Amazon, you can register with us.

Share with Your Clients

To win the recurring commission, all you have to do is share your link with people. When they use our services to fulfill their orders we will pay you a certain amount on each order.

500 $ Per Month

Start earning 500 $ per month by bringing customers who use our warehouse for prep & fulfillment services.

Affiliates will get 5% for FBA and 3.5% for FBM of their referral client's spending. For example if a customer sends 10000 units per month using our warehouse, you will be earning a passive income of 500 $ without doing anything.

How Do I Use the Money I Earn?

You can use the Affiliate credits you earn in 2 ways:

  1. If the affiliate credit is less than $50 , you can use it for interim warehouse payments or subscription payments.
  2. If the affiliate credit is over $50, you can transfer it to your own Bank account.

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