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Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping

Eliminate the need for stocking inventory and say goodbye to the hassles of dealing with third-party suppliers like Walmart by embracing Amazon USA to Amazon Canada dropshipping.

With this approach, when a customer places an order on your Canadian storefront, you can leverage our warehouse for preparation, repackaging, and shipment. We'll handle the direct shipping of the item to your customer all around the world, streamlining your process and enhancing efficiency.


We've collaborated with SellerFlash to provide you with effortless access to a wide range of dropshipping products.

Connect with SellerFlash

Seamlessly integrate SellerFlash with your Amazon Seller Central account to simplify your dropshipping product search process. Say farewell to hours of manual work.

It identifies products with the best Return on Investment (ROI) by comparing their cost price on Amazon USA with their sale price on other Amazon Global Platforms, including shipping costs. You can add 1000 of products with a single click.

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Ship items from Amazon US to ErkaPrep™

When you receive an order on your Amazon CA or any global amazon account (UK, Aus, Ger etc), simply place an order from Amazon USA and have it shipped directly to ErkaPrep™. We will receive, check your package for any damage and inform you right away.

Prep goods: Packing & Labeling

We understand that time is of the essence in e-commerce, and delays in preparation can impact your revenue. That's why, as soon as we receive your order, we initiate the preparation process.
This includes promptly removing any labels or stickers from Amazon USA and applying the appropriate label for your Amazon Global customer.

Ship to Customer

As soon as the package is ready according to Amazon standards, we ship it directly to Canada through our partnered Carriers.
We also ship all around the world.

We make sure to provide you with photographs and tracking Id's along the way. Once the customer receives the order it is marked delivered.

We take care of the whole process so you can sit back and relax.

Professional DropShipping Services

Without ErkaPrep™

❌ Submit Requests Through Email
❌ Slow Turnaround
❌ Submit a Ticket for Support
❌ No Inventory Tracking
❌ Poor Communication
❌ Hidden Fees

With ErkaPrep™

✅ Easy Web-Based Platform to Submit Requests
✅ 24-Hour Turnaround
✅ Dedicated Account Managers
✅ Live Inventory Tracking
✅ Get Updates in Real-Time as Tasks get Completed
✅ Transparent Pricing

Why Sellers Choose ErkaPrep™ as their dropshipping logistics Center

Organize content into multiple columns to share useful information to your customers about your products, values...

Hands Off Software

SellerFlash will take care of your product-research part & We will create and manage shipments inside Seller Central, labeling each and every unit for you saving you hours every week.

24H Turnaround

All Dropshipping packages reaching our warehouse are sent out for delivery the same day or within 24 hours so you can have excellent customer reviews.

Dedicated Account Rep

Your success is our priority. To ensure your satisfaction, we will assign you a dedicated account manager who will be available around the clock to assist you.

Appropriate Labelling

In order to maintain the professionalism and objectivity of our FBM orders, we remove all labels from the special packaging. Each package is meticulously prepared to ensure there is no evidence of dropshipping.

Order Returns

Although dropshipping is generally straightforward, it can sometimes come with challenges like product returns. Returning products can be a headache for you, but don't worry - we'll take care of it! Our team handles returns on your behalf and ensures they are processed according to your requirements.

Custom Amazon FBM Solutions

Do you require Kitting? Bundling? Pallets?
Or Do you need to send your package to the UK.
Whatever you need to prepare your products, we’ve got you covered.  

Get Started with ErkaPrep™

Connect Your Store

Connect your eCommerce or Amazon FBA store, import your products, then send us your inventory.

Store Your Inventory

Rest assured, your inventory is maintained in our warehouse situated in the USA.

Start Shipping!

 As soon as a customer places an order on your website, or Amazon FBA replenishment is needed, we’ll ship it from our warehouse.

Repeat at a Global Scale

We’ll work with you to examine global expansion opportunities and the marketplaces we can dominate next.

Want to know more about us? Place a call!

In a brief call, we'll discuss your specific needs, our efficient process, transparent pricing and personalized, effective solutions.